About Us

Hindley Green Fresh & Clean laundry service are the industry in making clothes gleam,
Our wash, dry and iron service is guaranteed to make you beam.

Whether you are a local restaurant, small B&B or high end hotel Hindley Green Fresh and clean can cater for your commercial laundry needs. Accepting orders from small to large we can offer you a fast and effective service if you want the convenience of outsourcing your laundry. We can wash and iron bed linen, table linen, duvets, towels, work clothing and many other commercial items that need to be laundered.

We understand the pressures of today's business and working life and have carefully crafted a service that means you will never need to even think about laundry again. From flexible collection and delivery, everything about our service is designed to make it easy for you to get on with running your business and home life, and spending time with your family so let Hindley Green fresh and clean laundry service take care of it for you.